Claire McCaskill: A Full Member Of D.C.’s 1%

By MRA staff|January 2nd, 9:21pm
Claire McCaskill: A Full Member Of D.C.’s 1%

With the start of 2018, Senator Claire McCaskill has just one New Year’s resolution: to spend the next 308 days making Missourians forget that she’s a D.C. insider whose liberal policies are making their lives harder. In order to do that, Senator McCaskill has to obfuscate many damaging facts about her.

She’ll have to start with her lavish living arrangements in D.C., where she paid a record-setting $2.7 million for a condo in the city’s top luxury development:

“Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and her husband, Joseph Shepard, recently paid about $2.7 million for a unit in the mixed-use development, according to D.C. property records. The sale, recorded Feb. 2, appears to be the most expensive condo unit to sell so far at CityCenterDC, where units have ranged from $417,000 to $1.7 million.”

McCaskill’s pricey apartment fits right in with her neighborhood given that Washington City Paper called her home “D.C.’s Destination for the One Percent.” What’s more, McCaskill’s two-million-dollar apartment sits directly above luxury stores Gucci and Hermes, neither one of which has a store in Missouri. Yet, while McCaskill has previously “laughed off” critiques about her tremendous wealth, she won’t be in a laughing mood once voters see the the out-of-touch life she lives hundreds of miles away from the Show Me State.