Claire McCaskill Cites Discredited Study To Defend Broken Tax System During Town Hall Today

By MRA staff|October 10th, 9:00pm
Claire McCaskill Cites Discredited Study To Defend Broken Tax System During Town Hall Today

The current tax system is only working for those at the top like Claire McCaskill. That’s why 72% of Missourians have said that they want to see reform to the status quo that gives the middle class some relief and simplifies the code.

But despite claiming to be a “moderate” that wants bipartisanship, McCaskill is opposing the common-sense framework put forward to cut taxes for all Americans. During her town hall today, she told constituents that she was against the outline, citing a study from a liberal policy group that has been discredited by The Wall Street Journal and slammed as “fiction” by the Chairman of President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers.

McCaskill’s opposition to this smart plan is not motivated by policy, since passing this legislation will allow all Missourians to keep more of what they earn and would give the economy the jolt that it needs. Instead, she’s against this idea because she’s a committed partisan and is focused on carrying water for special interest D.C. liberals, rather than fighting for the best interests of her constituents.

Over the summer, Sen. McCaskill’s conservative opponent, Josh Hawley, penned an op-ed for Fox News that urged Congress to pass tax reform. Hawley correctly noted that the plan championed by President Trump would “give working Missourians a chance to move ahead,” because it “honors real work and prioritizes the taxpayers instead of the tax takers.”

Claire McCaskill has a choice: she can either help Missourians and work across the aisle on legislation that will give them some much-needed tax relief, or she can continue to be a partisan obstructionist, standing with Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders to defend the broken status quo. Her comments today show that she is inclined to do the latter.

Missouri needs a Senator that will look out for taxpayers, and that’s exactly what Josh Hawley would do. On the other hand, Claire McCaskill is once again putting D.C. special interests first, trying to prevent her constituents from getting real tax relief.