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Claire McCaskill: National Democrat

By MRA staff|March 26th, 11:01am
Claire McCaskill: National Democrat

In an election year, Claire McCaskill is attempting to veil her deep ties to D.C.’s Democratic elites despite a record of entrenching herself with the national Democratic establishment. McCaskill’s strongest connection to national Democrats? Hillary Clinton. McCaskill was one of the first senators to endorse Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in June 2013 and contributed at least $49,000 with her husband to the Clinton campaign.

McCaskill was not shy about her support for her friend Hillary, touting Clinton for a “strong resume of accomplishments in every important job she’s had,” stating that she thought that Hillary “did a terrific job” as Secretary of State, defending Clinton’s use of private email as Secretary of State, and McCaskill even defended Hillary Clinton’s insulting “deplorables” comment. Last week, an MSNBC panel cautioned that McCaskill’s past support for Clinton could prove costly for Claire:

VIDEO: MSNBC Panel: Clinton Comments Costly For Claire

So now she’s attempting to backpedal years of support for Hillary Clinton.

Since she was recruited to run for the U.S. Senate by New York liberal Chuck Schumer in 2005, Millionaire Claire has used her deep pockets to curry favor with national Democrats. McCaskill personally donated over $150,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Committee and paid over $15,000 for a lavish liberal getaway to Mexico for Schumer and fellow Democratic Senator Jon Tester, while her leadership PAC has contributed over $540,000 to federal Democratic candidates.

To appeal to voters back home, McCaskill is pretending she’s not a creature of the Democratic establishment but the financial ties are deep. McCaskill has received at least $30,000 in campaign contributions from Schumer’s leadership PAC and $10,000 from Elizabeth Warren’s PAC.