Claire McCaskill’s Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

By MRA staff|December 20th, 9:14pm
Claire McCaskill’s Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

Majority Forward, a so-called “dark money” 501(c)(4) political group tied to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) which does not disclose its donors, is out with two new digital ads touting Senator Claire McCaskill’s town halls this year. However, instead of boosting Senator McCaskill’s political standing, all the ads do is show how big of a hypocrite.

That’s because at multiple town halls in April, including this one in Hillsboro, Senator McCaskill said to “pay no attention to” ads that are not from candidates:

“The dark money is going to flood in here. And I recommend to you, I don’t care if the ad is for me or against me, if it doesn’t say ‘I am Claire McCaskill and I approve this message,’ or if it doesn’t say ‘I am whoever is running against me,’ pay no attention to it. You don’t know who’s paying for it. You don’t know why they’re running it. It is disgusting. It has gotten out of control.”

Senator McCaskill’s hypocrisy on this issue is startling. She was against “dark money” groups when she could score political points, but now that Senator Schumer’s group is on air supporting her, she’s suddenly gone quiet.