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Claire Plays Partisan Politics On Pompeo

By MRA staff|April 24th, 12:00pm
Claire Plays Partisan Politics On Pompeo

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is likely to receive Senate confirmation for Secretary of State this week after being passed favorably out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday.

However, even as key Democrats and for national security leaders from both Democrat and Republican administrations announce their support for Pompeo, Sen. Claire McCaskill has remained silent on how she plans to vote, despite voting to confirm him as CIA Director last January.

And despite her election-year posturing as a bipartisan consensus-builder in the Senate, it’s obvious that Claire is playing politics on Pompeo, as McClatchy points out this week:

McCaskill met with Pompeo on Wednesday. She is in a tough spot politically because she is running for re-election as a Democrat in a state Trump won by nearly 19 percentage points.

She’s also under pressure from liberal groups to oppose Pompeo, and a vote for him could anger her base.

McCaskill previously voted to confirm Obama Secretary of State nominees Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Through history, Secretary of State nominees have typically transcended partisanship and were approved near-unanimous votes. Democrat obstruction of Trump Administration nominees is now at historic levels, thanks in no small part to hyper-partisans like McCaskill.