Conflicted Claire…Stand w/ MO or Dem Allies on Single-Payer

By MRA staff|September 13th, 8:43pm
Conflicted Claire…Stand w/ MO or Dem Allies on Single-Payer

Later today, Bernie Sanders and a number of Senate Democrats will formally introduce legislation that turns America’s health care system over to the government. Missourians already face too many problems under ObamaCare, thanks to Claire McCaskill’s vote…Now, do they really want a system that will explode their taxes and could cost $32 TRILLION?

Missourians Reacting To A $32 Trillion Single-Payer Health Care Plan

McCaskill may try to distance herself from her colleagues’ extreme plan, but she owns this costly idea and the disastrous ramifications that Missourians would face if it passed.

Remember, earlier in the summer, McCaskill unmistakably said that she’d “consider” a single-payer system and when asked about Sen. Sanders’ plan, she didn’t condemn it, but merely said that it was “premature.”

On top of that, the Senate took a vote earlier this year on single-payer health care. While several Democrats outright voted no, clearly stating that they opposed this massive expansion of government, Claire McCaskill voted present with the majority of her liberal friends, making it clear that she is open to this European-style legislation.

Make no mistake, if Claire McCaskill is in the Senate and single-payer comes up for a vote, whose side will she be on? You can bet that she’ll stand with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the liberals that she has voted with for the last decade, forcing Missourians to pay even more money for even worse health care.