Dark Money & DC: Claire McCaskill’s Two Favorite Things

By MRA staff|August 15th, 8:28pm
Dark Money & DC: Claire McCaskill’s Two Favorite Things

For Claire McCaskill, saying one thing but doing another is something that she’s become very good at. As a career politician for the last 4 decades, that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Now, her ability to dodge and avoid the truth is deliberately painting a false picture for Missourians. Here’s how:

MYTH: Claire McCaskill Is Opposed To Dark Money & Thinks It Has No Place In Politics

FACT: Claire McCaskill Reaps The Benefits Of Dark Money & Her Attacks Against It Are Purely Motivated By Partisanship

Sen. McCaskill has repeatedly railed against so-called “dark money,” but as The Springfield News-Leader pointed out, she was the beneficiary of a half-million dollar ad buy from a “dark money” group controlled by liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

How can you attack “dark money,” one day, but then benefit from it the next? The answer: if you’re a hypocritical career politician, you’ll say or do anything to win re-election, even if it directly contradicts your so-called “principles.” That’s Claire McCaskill.

Myth: Claire McCaskill Is A Dyed-In-The-Wool Missourian With A Strong Connection To The State & Her Constituents

FACT: Claire McCaskill Lives At “One Of Washington’s Poshest Addresses” That’s The Definition Of An “Upscale, Urbane Lifestyle”

The Washington Post recently described CityCenter in the nation’s capital as “one of Washington’s poshest addresses,” that represents, ““the new ideal for sophisticated, modern, urban living.”

Well, guess who bought the priciest unit at the time for a whopping $2.7 million in 2014? Yep, Claire McCaskill.

As she goes around Missouri and tries to rub elbows with folks that overwhelmingly voted for someone she called “a buffoon,” it’s important to remember that it’s not Sen. McCaskill (D-MO), it’s Sen. McCaskill (D-CityCenter).

Don’t fall for Washington Claire’s DC-doublespeak. She may go after “dark money” and claim to be an “outsider” in the Senate, but the facts don’t back that up.