Friday Flashback: Remember what McCaskill said about Bergdahl?

By MRA staff|October 6th, 8:59pm
Friday Flashback: Remember what McCaskill said about Bergdahl?

With the news today that disgraced traitor Bowe Bergdahl will plead guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior, it’s important to remember what Claire McCaskill said in 2014 when President Obama traded 5 Taliban commanders in exchange for Bergdahl’s release.

In the aftermath of the faulty prisoner swap, McCaskill appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” and, according to The Weekly Standard, “gave a full-throated defense of the president’s decision to release five Taliban commanders from the Guantanamo prison in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.” During the interview, McCaskill said she was, “very proud,” of the deal since it meant the United States no longer had any POWs in Afghanistan.

However, it’s now especially clear with Bergdahl’s upcoming guilty plea that he deserted our country in Afghanistan, possibly tried to join the Taliban, and his careless behavior may have led to the deaths of American soldiers who were looking for him.

President Obama’s decision to release five dangerous Taliban fighters in exchange for a now-convicted solider is representative of his feckless and irresponsible foreign policy.

Claire McCaskill’s immediate praise of this trade shows how she is not serious about foreign policy either, and reveals some real concerns about her judgement when it comes to keeping our country safe. As Missourians decide whether she has earned another term in Washington, they should remember what she said about this important issue and how she praised a decision that emboldened one of our country’s greatest enemies.