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March Comes In Like a Lion for Claire McCaskill

By MRA staff|March 9th, 1:28pm
March Comes In Like a Lion for Claire McCaskill

March 2018 greeted Senator Claire McCaskill with a slew of bad news highlighting just how out-of-touch she has grown from Missouri voters and showing how vulnerable the 12-year incumbent is in her re-election race against Attorney General Josh Hawley.

In just the last few days, a new Axios poll shows Hawley leading McCaskill by 8 points and finds that Missourians favor the recent tax cut legislation – which McCaskill voted against – by a full 19 points. Meanwhile, CNN and NBC News rated Missouri as among the most likely Senate seats to flip from Democrat to Republican. All this bad news is obviously getting to McCaskill, who went so far as to dismiss the 1.5 million Missourians who voted for President Trump as “cynical” yesterday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, which won’t help her appeal to a state that went to Trump by a 19-point margin in 2016.

More detail on McCaskill’s bad March here:

1. New Axios/SuveyMonkey Poll Shows Hawley Leading McCaskill By 8 Points.

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Poll: McCaskill is 8 points behind Hawley”
  • Missourinet: Poll shows Hawley stretching ahead of McCaskill in Missouri Senate race
  • Town Hall: “Claire McCaskill is in very hot water. She has a named opponent in this poll, and she’s down by eight points — with Republican Josh Hawley (whom she did not get to hand select this time) cracking 50 percent.  That is, shall we say, an extremely precarious position for any incumbent.  Again, this is just one poll, but there’s a reason why McCaskill is considered the most likely Democrat to go down.”
  • Breitbart: Poll: Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Re-Election Bid Is in Trouble

2. NBC News & CNN Rank Missouri Senate Race Ranked As Among The Most Likely To Flip From Democrat To Republican.

  • CNN: The Missouri Senate race is the most likely race to flip D to R and the third overall of races most likely to switch parties.

3. Missouri Voters Approve Of The Tax Reform Bill By 19 Points – A Bill That McCaskill Voted Against.

  • Axios: “New peril for moderate Dems: Voters happy with Trump’s economy”

4. McCaskill Dismisses The More Than 1.5 Missourians Who Voted For President Trump As “Cynical,” While The President’s Approval Rating Stands At 55 Percent Statewide.

  • With the President’s approval rating at 55% in her state, Senator McCaskill took to MSNBC Morning Joe to dismiss the 1,585,753 Missourians who voted for Trump. Watch video of McCaskill dismissing voters for electing “reality TV star president.”

  • Free Beacon: McCaskill, Who Is Less Popular Than Trump in Missouri, Rebukes Voters for Electing ‘Reality TV Star President’