McCaskill Defends Sanders-Bashing DNC While Admitting Corruption Exists

By MRA staff|August 15th, 8:34pm
McCaskill Defends Sanders-Bashing DNC While Admitting Corruption Exists

During one of her town halls in Farmington, MO last week, Claire McCaskill faced an awkward question from a constituent regarding the DNC’s-often criticized role in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

NTK Network reported on the exchange and posted video as well:

“‘You and I would disagree about the level of corruption in the Democratic Party,’ McCaskill told the constituent. ‘I know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was for Hillary, but the primary schedule was set way before the election ever began,’ likely a reference to debates being schedule opposite college football or during holiday weekends.”

“That’s not quite true, however. The debate schedule was announced in August 2015, well after both Clinton and Sanders formally entered the race.”

This issue is a thorny one for McCaskill. She strongly backed Hillary Clinton in the primary campaign, unloading on Sanders’ candidacy at one point.

With a mountain of evidence showing that the DNC did in fact rig the primary in favor of Clinton over Sanders, culminating in the resignation of Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, McCaskill risks offending Sanders’ supporters by incorrectly claiming that the race was fought on a level playing field.

During the town hall, McCaskill outright rejected that there was a “massive corruption” effort to deny Sanders the nomination:

McCaskill then attacked Sanders supporters, saying that there was never a negative ad run against Sanders and that the Republican Party wanted Sanders to win the Democratic primary.

“I’m not going to accept that there is massive corruption in my party,” McCaskill concluded. “I don’t always agree with my party, but I think it’s very unfair to say there is massive corruption in my party because I don’t think there are facts to support that.”

Missourians should be very wary that Sen. McCaskill continues to turn a blind eye to the rigged system that plagued her party last year. Her refusal to admit that the deck was stacked against the Sanders campaign shows that she’ll ignore the facts in order to create a narrative that fits her agenda.