McCaskill Forgets Her Defense Of Clinton’s “Deplorables” Comment

By MRA staff|March 14th, 11:45am
McCaskill Forgets Her Defense Of Clinton’s “Deplorables” Comment

In a new piece by The Washington Post, Claire McCaskill is trying to distance herself from recent comments by Hillary Clinton calling those who voted against her “backward.” Despite this recent effort, just a year and a half ago McCaskill defended her friend Hillary after Clinton made her now-infamous “deplorables” comment:

McCASKILL“The point she made was a valid point.”

McCaskill’s ties to Hillary and Hillary’s past demeaning comments towards Americans are clearly a concern to McCaskill’s reelection efforts. Michael Scherer of The Washington Post tweeted:

 “McCaskill made clear that she was unhappy to be answering questions about Clinton’s comments. ‘Oh, come on,’ she told the reporter who asked the question. ‘You’re killing me here.’”

While she may try to distance herself from Clinton’s jabs at middle America during an election year, voters in Missouri will remember McCaskill’s defense of Clinton’s comment that characterized them as “deplorables.” McCaskill clearly does not think highly of her own constituents: