McCaskill Hit By Liberal Primary Challenger

By MRA staff|November 1st, 9:02pm
McCaskill Hit By Liberal Primary Challenger

The Observer today features an interview with Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Democrat primary challenger, Angelica Earl, in which she hits the incumbent Senator on two key issues for progressives: single-payer health care and tax reform:

The primary challenger she anticipated has announced. Angelica Earl, a former verification specialist for Obamacare who witnessed its flaws first-hand, is challenging McCaskill in support of a single-payer health care system.

Earl told the Observer … “There’s no reason people shouldn’t have health care, so I’m saying from all the people I’ve talked to, the hundreds of people while working at the marketplace, single-payer healthcare is the way to go.” …

In addition to health care, Earl disagrees with McCaskill on tax reform. … “McCaskill said she supports tax cuts for corporations. I’m for taxing them more and giving all of us some financial breathing room,” Earl said. “Trickle down economics does not work and I’m appalled that a Democratic senator would reach across the table to perpetuate such a lie.”

The Observer writes that McCaskill has “disenfranchised and alienated progressives in Missouri” and “complained about the political pressure she faces from the left.”

The Washington Post and other outlets have already called McCaskill the most endangered Senate incumbent in 2018, and this “formidable” primary challenge may be another stumbling block to her re-election.