McCaskill Making Tax Day Tougher For Missouri

By MRA staff|April 16th, 9:10am
McCaskill Making Tax Day Tougher For Missouri

Tomorrow marks the last day Missourians will file their taxes under the old tax code. Despite telling the people of Missouri that the “tax system is broken and needs reform” and that she would be willing to work with the president to lower taxes, Claire McCaskill turned her back on Missouri’s middle class and voted against tax reform.

McCaskill chose to side with her party’s liberal leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in opposing a bill that has given 90% of Americans an increase in take-home pay and led a long list of Missouri employers to raise wages, give bonuses, and expand operations. After the bill was passed, McCaskill called the extra money in people’s pockets “scraps” and continued to mislead Missourians, earning “Two Pinocchios” from The Washington Post for her misleading claims about the impact of the legislation.

McCaskill has a long history of supporting higher taxes, having earned an ‘F’-rating from the National Taxpayers Union. In 2012 McCaskill voted for higher taxes on the middle class when an amendment came forward that would extend tax cuts for all income levels, she has taken multiple votes against repealing the death tax, and she voted in support of raising the tax rate on capital gains several times.

Democratic party leadership recently laid out a plan to repeal tax reform. If McCaskill’s record is any indication, it is likely she may turn her back on Missouri again to please party leadership.