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McCaskill Swimming In Trial Lawyer Cash

By MRA staff|March 13th, 11:32am
McCaskill Swimming In Trial Lawyer Cash

Over the years, Missouri has become a “hot spot” for predatory out-of-state trial lawyers looking to score outrageous awards from sympathetic courts throughout the state. The legal climate has become so dire in Missouri that the state often lands itself on the American Tort Reform Foundation’s annual “Judicial Hellholes” list.

Trial lawyers responsible for the judicial mess in Missouri are counting on Claire McCaskill’s re-election to protect their way-of-life. According to a recent Madison Record report on McCaskill’s trial lawyer cash, the paper found that 7.4 percent or $445,850 of her $6 million in campaign contributions came from 14 national plaintiff firms.

The law firm Simmons Hanly Conroy “accounted for about $1 of every $30” that McCaskill took in.

Attorney John Simmons of Alton and 35 other Simmons Hanly Conroy lawyers each gave Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill $5,400 last year, Federal Election Commission records show. Their contributions plus three smaller ones added up to $199,900 for the firm, which has pursued asbestos claims across the nation and expects to play a big role in opioid litigation as it gets underway in federal and state courts.

Notably, McCaskill has taken an interest in investigating opioid manufacturers.

For many years, trial lawyers have taken advantage of the state’s “fast trials, favorable rulings, and big awards” at a cost to Missouri workers. The havoc they have created scares away job creators looking to relocate to the state. McCaskill’s reliance on trial lawyer cash is another example of how out-of-touch she has become with Missouri voters.