McCaskill’s Never Met A Tax Hike She Didn’t Like

By MRA staff|August 30th, 8:41pm
McCaskill’s Never Met A Tax Hike She Didn’t Like

As President Trump heads to Springfield today to outline a tax reform plan that will give relief to the middle class, the Democrat Senator from Missouri has a record that puts a lot of distance between her and the tax cuts that the President supports.

Instead, Claire McCaskill falls right in line with her Democrat colleagues as a tax-and-spend liberal who believes the federal government needs to take more money from families.

The National Taxpayers Union gave McCaskill an F in their most recent grading that determines how friendly members of Congress are to taxpayers. In the years prior, McCaskill has never received a grade higher than a D, and her average score is a disturbing 18%.

Additionally, in 2012 McCaskill voted for higher taxes on the middle class when an amendment came forward that would extend tax cuts for all income levels. She’s also taken multiple votes against repealing the death tax, something that the current Republican plan is likely to include and she supported raising the tax rate on capital gains in 2012 and 2013.

Even going back to 2002, before she was in the U.S. Senate, McCaskill was a supporter of one of the largest tax increases in Missouri’s history. The plan, which went to the ballot as Prop B, called for a $511 million tax hike and a McCaskill spokeswoman said she supported the proposition. Ultimately, more than 70% of Missourians voted against it and it failed.

The Show-Me State gave President Trump a nearly 20-point victory in 2016 because they knew he’d support a tax plan that gives a break to everyday Missourians. Looking at Claire McCaskill’s record, it’s clear she is not with the vast majority of her constituents on this issue.