McCaskill’s Out-Of-Touch Ally Preps For His Visit To Missouri

By MRA staff|May 16th, 2:01pm
McCaskill’s Out-Of-Touch Ally Preps For His Visit To Missouri

Claire McCaskill has enthusiastically invited fellow out-of-touch Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey to campaign with her this weekend in St. Louis. Yesterday while speaking at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference, Booker described how he prepares himself before traveling to states such as Missouri:

“I’ve had the privilege now of traveling to mid-western communities, traveling to the rural south, traveling out west. I read books like Hillbilly Elegy and everything I can to try to understand other folks, and when I read books like that, I’m thinking to myself ‘oh my God, these folks have so much in common with folks that live in my neighborhood.’”

McCaskill and Booker have voted together 83% of the time during their tenure in Congress, including voting against the GOP tax cuts. These tax cuts return over $2,000 per year to the average family of four in Missouri and have led to hundreds of companies issuing bonuses of $1,000 or more, which McCaskill referred to as ‘scraps’ and Booker referred to as ‘crumbs.’

As McCaskill cozies up to out-of-touch, liberal northeasterners like Cory Booker, fundraises with Hollywood elites, and stands with Washington D.C., it’s clear that she sees the people of Missouri in a similar light as Booker:

“You know what people in Missouri think? We’re just up here fighting. The fight gets all the coverage, the chaos gets all the coverage, and as a result, the cynicism about our government, and that some of us are really keeping our nose to the grindstone and doing a lot of hard work gets lost in the shuffle. And then, people do something which I think is maybe not a good idea, they do something like electing a reality TV star president because they’re so cynical about the swamp.”