Millionaire Claire: McCaskill Heads to Hollywood for Fundraiser

By MRA staff|May 2nd, 11:49am
Millionaire Claire: McCaskill Heads to Hollywood for Fundraiser

Senator Claire McCaskill is heading to Hollywood this weekend to attend a high dollar fundraiser with special guest, former President Barack Obama. The fundraiser will be hosted by liberal Hollywood elites, Jeffery Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, both of whom maxed out to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund according to the :

“Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill’s two Hollywood fundraiser hosts both joined Harvey Weinstein as maxed out donors to the legal defense fund for former President Bill Clinton as he was battling accusations of lying about his sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky”

Claire continues to cozy up to coastal elites and remain out-of-touch with the values of everyday Missourians. It’s clear that she has more in common with those attending her Hollywood fundraiser than she does with those who elected her.

This is her second fundraiser this year hosted by Hollywood liberals. She attended a fundraiser with Disney CEO Bob Iger back in February. Millionaire Claire’s focus is clearly on spending time with the rich and famous and not Missouri voters.