More Missouri Bonuses That Claire McCaskill Will Ignore

By MRA staff|January 8th, 9:27pm
More Missouri Bonuses That Claire McCaskill Will Ignore

Last week, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) showed Missouri voters just how much of a partisan Democrat she is. Instead of celebrating the great news that the Springfield-based bank Great Southern Bancorp was giving its 1,200 employees a bonus because of tax reform’s passage, she was silent.

This weekend, another Missouri company, Mid-AM Metal Forming, announced that its 140 Missouri workers were going to be getting a bonus because of tax reform:

“Mid-AM Metal Forming is excited about the positive implications the tax reform package will have both on the manufacturing industry and its employees,” President Steve Johnson said in a news release. “We have very dedicated employees that assist in making us a success. We are excited to surprise all of them with this reward.”

Yet again, this fantastic news has been met with nothing from Senator McCaskill. If Senator McCaskill has become such a liberal Democrat that great news like this is met with crickets then it’s clear that her twelve years in DC have changed her irreparably. It’s time for a change for Missouri.