New Graphic: McCaskill’s Multi-Million Dollar DC Condo Epitomizes Her Out-Of-Touch Lifestyle

By MRA staff|January 11th, 1:32pm
New Graphic: McCaskill’s Multi-Million Dollar DC Condo Epitomizes Her Out-Of-Touch Lifestyle

Today, Missouri Rising Action is releasing a new graphic that once again highlights an aspect of Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) staggering wealth. This time, we are focusing our attention on Senator McCaskill’s luxury CityCenterDC condo, purchased for $2.7 million in 2014. McCaskill’s D.C. condo is especially troubling for her political future because it wholly epitomizes how out-of-touch she’s become with Missouri voters. The fact that Senator McCaskill lives in an apartment called “D.C.’s Destination for the One Percent” will not be lost on Missouri voters.

While Senator McCaskill’s out-of-touch lifestyle is a political problem for the Senator, it’s also had a negative impact on the lives of Missouri families. After all, when you’re living above a Hermes store, it’s tough to appreciate the tremendous benefits of something like tax reform. Even in the face of the growing number of companies who are using tax reform to benefit their workers, Senator McCaskill is still standing against the law and its benefits.

Sadly, for Senator McCaskill’s political future, today brought more developments that spotlights how wrong she was in opposing tax reform. Today, Walmart, Missouri’s largest private employer, announced that their 43,203 workers were going to receive bonuses and other benefits from tax reform:

“Walmart’s workers will soon reap the benefits of the recent tax law changes, as the world’s largest private employer raises its starting wage, creates new benefits and distributes bonuses to eligible workers.”

Senator McCaskill’s inability to see how far-reaching tax reform’s benefits would be is a striking indictment of her judgement. If Senator McCaskill had gotten her way tens of thousands of Missourians would be worse off today.