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ON THIS DAY: McCaskill Flubs Facts On Syria

By MRA staff|June 4th, 10:10am
ON THIS DAY: McCaskill Flubs Facts On Syria

Four years ago today, PolitiFact rated claims by Claire McCaskill that Hillary Clinton “laid the groundwork” for the 2013 Syrian chemical weapons deal as “Mostly False.” Even more disturbingly, McCaskill’s fellow liberal leaders later failed to ensure the removal of all chemical weapons, with at least 70 people being killed- including children. Many more where injured in recent months because of their use:

WARNING: Footage may be too graphic for some viewers.

McCaskill’s remarks were given during an appearance on Fox News Sunday:

“We’re getting the chemical weapons out of Syria. She laid the groundwork for that. I mean, this is, in fact, a very difficult world right now and our enemies are everywhere and I think that she established that smart power and true peace is established through allies and building those relationships.”

PolitFact was quick to point out how McCaskill was not speaking the truth:

“Further, the eventual agreement itself came quickly and almost unintentionally after Kerry made a rhetorical offer that Russia and Assad accepted. Clinton had been out of the Secretary of State job for seven months at that point. Prior to Kerry’s offer, an agreement seemed out of reach. Given all of that, we rate McCaskill’s statement Mostly False.”

McCaskill was one of the first U.S. Senators to endorse Clinton, donated nearly $50,000 to Hillary’s campaign, and appeared as a frequent surrogate for Hillary, heaping praise on the future failed presidential candidate. In the same June 2014 interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, McCaskill also claimed Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State warranted her election as President:

WALLACE: “What was Hillary Clinton’s signature accomplishment as Secretary of State?”

MCCASKILL: “I think her signature accomplishment was reestablishing in the world that the way we have peace is through allies – building relationships in dozens and dozens of countries where those relationships had atrophied. Her travel schedule – the stamina is amazing – what she did as Secretary of State, and now we have relationships, and it is a large and complicated and dangerous world. She has the kind of resume that shows leadership, strength, the ability to make decisions at moments of crisis that will make her a terrific President of the United States.”