ON THIS DAY: McCaskill Joins Schumer’s Effort To Block Gorsuch

By MRA staff|April 6th, 11:19am
ON THIS DAY: McCaskill Joins Schumer’s Effort To Block Gorsuch

One year ago today, Senator Claire McCaskill joined 44 other DC Democrats and voted against the Motion to Invoke Cloture on Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States – an effort to block an up-or-down vote on Judge Gorsuch. Gorsuch went on to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate the next day, with McCaskill again voting against the “conservative, textualist, originalist.”

Just one month prior, McCaskill tweeted that Gorsuch in fact deserved an up-or-down vote:

Despite widespread praise for the “impressive” Gorsuch, McCaskill flip-flopped in the face of pressure from the liberal base of the Democratic party. In a leaked audio recording, McCaskill stated that liberals wanted “to take a scalp” in retailiation against Republicans:

In the leaked audio, McCaskill said she sympathized with the liberal base voters who wanted “to take a scalp” as payback for Judge Merrick Garland, Obama’s nominee.

On the Gorsuch vote – like she has on many issues in her decade-long tenure in the Senate – McCaskill once again cow-towed to National Democrats like Chuck Schumer rather than reflect the values of Missouri. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley recently highlighted McCaskill’s vote against Gorsuch as one of many positions highlighting just how out of touch she is with the people of Missouri:

“Senator McCaskill has voted to raise taxes on working Missourians over 200 times yet she couldn’t find it to vote one time for tax relief for working families. She’s voted to stack the courts with left-wing ideologues. She voted ‘no’ on Justice Neil Gorsuch. She voted ‘no’ on rolling back regulations that are choking our family farms and family businesses in Missouri like the Waters of the United States rule. So here’s the scorecard on Claire McCaskill: she is with the Democrats and the party line every time.”