ON THIS DAY: McCaskill Pays Penalty On Delinquent DC Taxes

By MRA staff|March 30th, 5:39pm
ON THIS DAY: McCaskill Pays Penalty On Delinquent DC Taxes

Nine years ago today, Claire McCaskill paid a penalty for making delinquent property tax payments on her DC condo. Since 2008, McCaskill and her husband were penalized four times for delinquent property taxes totaling over $5,500.

Although McCaskill has been delinquent paying her DC taxes, earlier this week she claimed that the District of Columbia should be a state because “they’re paying all the taxes”:

“Do you support Puerto Rico becoming a state? I would be fine with Puerto Rico becoming a state, but I’d rather see the District of Columbia become a state first. It’s really unfair to the people that live in the District of Columbia that they have no vote for President, that they don’t have representation in Congress. They’re paying all the taxes. And Puerto Rico, while I certainly see that it’s–Hawaii’s not in the mainland and it’s a state–I’d like us to prioritize D.C. first, but I have no opposition to Puerto Rico becoming a state.”

In 2014, McCaskill upgraded to a $2.7 million condo at the City Center development described as “DC’s destination for the One Percent.” Despite her delinquent tax payments, the city of Washington, DC endorsed McCaskill yesterday.