ON THIS DAY: Obamacare Signed Into Law

By MRA staff|March 23rd, 9:24am
ON THIS DAY: Obamacare Signed Into Law

Eight years ago today, Obamacare was signed into law as a result of the votes of elitist liberals like Claire McCaskill. McCaskill’s decision to stand with the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and her party’s D.C. leadership over her constituents has led to higher health care costs for millions of Missourians.

More recently, McCaskill joinied her fellow D.C. liberals and voted “present” on single-payer in 2017 despite several of her Democratic colleagues voting an outright “no.” McCaskill has long voiced her intentions to vote for a public option if it was brought up in a bill:

Constituent: “I was wondering—if the House passes a public option again in their reconciliation fix and it came to the Senate, would you vote for it?”

MCCASKILL: “Uh, probably, yeah.”