Politico: McCaskill Braces For SCOTUS Onslaught

By MRA staff|July 6th, 9:11am
Politico: McCaskill Braces For SCOTUS Onslaught

As President Trump is set to make his selection for the Supreme Court, all eyes are now on the Missouri Senate race:

Politico: “If the pre-nomination clash between McCaskill and Hawley is any sign, the Supreme Court confirmation battle over Trump’s high court nominee will reverberate in Missouri more than any other Senate battleground this year.”

McCaskill is one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for reelection this cycle. Despite trying to portray herself as a moderate, McCaskill is likely to side with the far-left wing of her party and vote against Trump’s nominee. As Politico notes this could have serious implications for her campaign:

“As McCaskill approaches one of the most politically consequential votes of her 12-year Senate career, she insists she’s not prejudging the nominee. But she’s “not optimistic” Trump will select someone she can support, making clear she isn’t making the same calculation as other at-risk Democrats, despite Trump’s 19-point win here in 2016.”

The SCOTUS confirmation vote will prove to be pivotal in this race, as voters in the state will see if McCaskill will stand with Missourians or if she is joins with liberals looking to resist Trump.