President Trump Touts “Fantastic Job” Hawley Has Done

By MRA staff|March 14th, 5:29pm
President Trump Touts “Fantastic Job” Hawley Has Done

Appearing at a business roundtable in St. Louis today, President Trump happily praised the Show Me State and its “fantastic” Attorney General, U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley:

“Great place–place that was very good to me–the State of Missouri was very good to me. I think Josh is doing a fantastic job. I can tell you that he is working hard, just met him at the plane.”

Hawley was the first one to greet the President upon his arrival in Missouri:

While Hawley works with the President to tout tax reform that is already having a positive impact on working Missourians, Claire McCaskill continues to show Hillary Clinton-esque contempt for Missourians that support the President: