Sanders & McCaskill: Looney Liberals That Are Bad For Missouri

By MRA staff|September 21st, 8:54pm
Sanders & McCaskill: Looney Liberals That Are Bad For Missouri

As Bernie Sanders gets set to speak at Westminster College in Fulton today, Claire McCaskill is, unsurprisingly, staying as far away from him as possible since she knows that his socialist ideas of single-payer health care, a massive hike in the minimum wage, and more intrusive regulations from the federal government are an anathema in Missouri.

The problem for McCaskill: While she may claim she opposes these extremist policies, her voting record in Washington tells quite a different story.

In fact, she votes alongside Sanders 81% of the time. On four out of every five votes, Sen. McCaskill is siding with a Democrat Socialist from Vermont, opposing the agenda of President Trump and common-sense conservatives.

McCaskill has even said that she’d “consider” Bernie Sanders’s signature idea…a single-payer health care system that would cost $32 Trillion, exploding taxes for Missourians and decreasing the quality of care available.

It’s clear Bernie Sanders is out-of-step with Missouri values and Claire McCaskill is right there with him. Don’t let these looney liberals continue to work together to promote their radical policies in Washington. It’s time for Missouri to have a conservative voice in the Senate that doesn’t kowtow to the darling of the left, but instead puts the constituents of the state first and fights for them. ​