Trump Praises Hawley, Criticizes McCaskill Obstruction

By MRA staff|November 29th, 9:10pm
Trump Praises Hawley, Criticizes McCaskill Obstruction

As the President visited Missouri today, he was quick to heap praise on Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, referring to him as the state’s “next senator” while contrasting his support for lower taxes with Sen. Claire McCaskill’s recent efforts to obstruct proposed tax cuts:

“I want to thank Governor Greitens and Attorney General Hawley who, by the way, Josh–where’s Josh? Josh, our next senator, where is he? He’s going to be a great senator and he wants to see a major tax cut. I think I can speak for him, right? And your current senator does not want to see a tax cut, that’s not good. That’s not good. She wants your taxes to go up.”

The President continued to critique McCaskill for falling in line with National Democrats in supporting higher taxes, and the crowd let their feelings about McCaskill be heard:

“Many Democrats have promised tax cuts that don’t mean anything cause they really want major tax increases. Senator Claire McCaskill–have you ever heard of her–is doing you a tremendous disservice. She wants your taxes to go up she is weak on crime, she is weak on borders, she is weak on immigration, and she is weak on the military.”