VIDEO: Air Claire Reaches New Altitudes

By MRA staff|June 13th, 5:18pm
VIDEO: Air Claire Reaches New Altitudes

Claire McCaskill used her private plane on her RV tour across Missouri. Her campaign attempted to explain away the plane use by blaming the use on “an unscheduled stop in St. Joseph.”

However, it wasn’t a spontaneous stop:

“How last-minute was the St. Joseph addition to her tour, though? She stopped there on Wednesday, May 30, according to her campaign website.

But, according to an email obtained by NTK Network, she sent out notice about the event on Friday, May 25.”

After catching heat for not paying taxes and using public dollars to fly, she sold her first ‘damn plane’ back in 2011. But Claire couldn’t abandon her favorite form of transportation for long! Her husband bought her an upgraded model in 2013.

Millionaire Claire just can’t quit her favorite mode of transportation #AirClaire: