Video: McCaskill Declares Herself The Senator From Washington, DC

By MRA staff|March 28th, 3:07pm
Video: McCaskill Declares Herself The Senator From Washington, DC

Yesterday at a student forum at Missouri State University in Springfield, Claire McCaskill expressed solidarity with the residents of a city far from Missouri: Washington DC. When answering a question about the possibility of Puerto Rico becoming a state, McCaskill instead declared herself in full support of statehood for DC, saying “they’re paying all the taxes” and “I’d like us to prioritize DC first”:

“Do you support Puerto Rico becoming a state? I would be fine with Puerto Rico becoming a state, but I’d rather see the District of Columbia become a state first. It’s really unfair to the people that live in the District of Columbia that they have no vote for President, that they don’t have representation in Congress. They’re paying all the taxes. And Puerto Rico, while I certainly see that it’s–Hawaii’s not in the mainland and it’s a state–I’d like us to prioritize D.C. first, but I have no opposition to Puerto Rico becoming a state.”

McCaskill’s love of DC should come as no surprise: She owns a $2.7 million luxury DC condo a new development described as “D.C.’s Destination for the One Percent.” She owns part of a high-end DC restaurant, called Centrolina, “which sells $14 Negroni cocktails and a $325 bottle of pinot noir.”

This all goes to show how out of touch McCaskill has grown from Missouri and its people – one reason CNN now rates her as the most vulnerable Senate Democrat in 2018.