What To Know About McCaskill’s Shady Relationship…

By MRA staff|September 18th, 8:50pm
What To Know About McCaskill’s Shady Relationship…

Yesterday’s bombshell report in The Kansas City Star exposed Claire McCaskill’s relationship w/ Rick DeStefane, a nursing home executive who has a troubling track record.

The takeaways:

  • DeStefane has given more than $60K to McCaskill’s political campaigns & is a close family friend of hers
  • DeStefane’s nursing home company was accused of Medicare fraud and forced to pay $8.3 million back to the federal government as part of a legal settlement
  • DeStefane’s company has been accused of health and safety violations at nursing homes that led to the deaths of residents
  • Conditions at DeStefane’s nursing homes have been called “egregious” with inspection reports revealing the sordid details
  • McCaskill’s husband & DeStefane are longtime business partners and jointly own two vacation homes in Lake of the Ozarks

The story landed on The Kansas City Star’s front page yesterday:

The Kansas City Star, 9/17/17

Read the full article for all the details here